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Interpreting Exceptions Edit on GitHub

Improving the exception messages was one of the primary goals of the big StructureMap 3.0 release. StructureMap exceptions should show a "StructureMap-specific stacktrace" describing where in the object graph StructureMap was when an exception occurred, while trying hard not to obscure the actual problems. In some cases, StructureMap will append diagnostic views to the exception output. If you are still using StructureMap 2.5-2.6, the better exception messages alone are a justification for upgrading.

StructureMap throws a couple custom exceptions, all of which implement a base StructureMapException type:

  1. StructureMapBuildException -- a failure was detected during an attempt to build or resolve a requested object or dependency, but outside of StructureMap code. This exception wraps the actual exception and adds StructureMap-specific contextual information. Always check the inner exception when this exception is thrown.
  2. StructureMapInterceptorException -- a configured interceptor failed during object construction. See the inner exception.
  3. StructureMapBuildPlanException -- StructureMap is missing some kind of configuration or needs more explicit registrations in order to build an Instance. In a few cases, this exception will be thrown if StructureMap cannot create and compile a Func internally for the Instance.
  4. StructureMapConfigurationException -- thrown by the container validation mechanism